Monday, March 12, 2007

Your tax to-do list for March has a great check list for all the documentation you will need to file your taxes. These are the things you should be gathering right now in order to get ready for the April deadline. Also a couple of software suggestions to get your books in order.

This month's mantra is simple but urgent: Gather your paperwork
Get your tax stuff together - now! But don't just listen to me: The San Fernando Valley Chapter of the California Society of Enrolled Agents, of which I'm a member, unanimously agrees that this is the month taxpayers should finish gathering their paperwork.

The biggest source of grumbling among the folks who prepare tax returns is having to chase after clients, calling repeatedly to get information that should be really easy for taxpayers to gather.

So, let's make everyone's life easier. What should you be gathering before you drop in for your annual tax appointment and gossip and hug-fest?
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