Wednesday, March 14, 2007

50 money saving ideas

Kiplinger magazine has an article in this month's issue with 50 money saving ideas. The ideas were submitted by readers of the magazine and the top 50 were printed. Some really good stuff in there.

My favorites:

Small Change

At the end of every week, I take all the money in my purse (change and bills) and put it in my savings account. On Monday, I start the week fresh. I save an average of $2,000 to $2,500 a year, sometimes more when I do the same with my husband's change. It pays for family emergencies and vacations.

Dump the Dorms

When our twins finished their first year of college, I took $10,000 from their college fund and bought a small three-bedroom house. The mortgage payments were less than the dorm or an apartment would have cost for the two of them. They had a third roommate who paid rent, and they saved money on food and laundry. We also had a free place to stay when we visited. When they graduated three years later, I sold the house on my own for $6,000 more than I paid for it. Altogether, I figure we saved about $15,000. -- Joe Marino, Dunlap, Ill.

Online Bargains

I have saved thousands of dollars a year by comparing prices and purchasing over the Internet. When my daughter wanted to buy a pot-bellied stove for her mountain home, the one in the store cost $2,295 -- plus tax, delivery and $400 for installation. When I searched for it on eBay, there it was, almost new, for $560 plus $180 air freight. Installation cost $200. Such a deal! -- Gay Burch, Las Vegas, Nev.

KIP TIP: Before you buy on the Internet, go to,, or Search for a product and you'll get a list of prices from various online retailers. To compare prices at local stores, try

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