Friday, March 16, 2007

Another way to make more money

It is common knowledge, but it is always nice to see it in hard numbers. What am I talking about? The relationship between education and income. Does getting a better education really increase your income potential, or is it a marketing ploy by Devry? Here are some numbers from the census bureau that should help answer the question.

Not a Graduate: $17,299
Graduate, including GED: $26,933
Some College no degree: $30,627
Associate's degree: $36,645
Bachelor's degree: $52,671
Master's degree: $66,754
Professional degree: $112,902
Doctoral degree: $91,370

What stands out to me in those numbers is that a Doctoral degree actually gets you less than a professional degree. Hmm...

For more statistics, visit the Census Bureau's site here.

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