Thursday, March 29, 2007

10 ways to guard against cybercriminals

Identity theft is probably the biggest fear in the world of personal finance these days. Criminals using your information to rack up thousands of dollars in credit card expenses. That’s a scary scary thought. (Shudder) has a list of 10 ways you can protect your information when you are online. Follow these, and you should be in a better shape to fend off any theft.

1. Regard all unsolicited calls, e-mails and instant messages as potential scams.
2. Don't follow links in suspicious e-mails.
3. Make sure you have Internet security software.
4. Run updates.
5. Scan your computer daily.
6. Block instant messages from anyone not on your buddy list.
7. Don't download software from a Web 2.0 site.
8. Scan files with your anti-virus software.
9. Don't rely on toolbars.
10. Two is not better than one.

Read more details on the 10 ways to guard against cybercriminals.

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