Saturday, March 24, 2007

Spring-Clean Your 401(k)

Are you one of those people who set their 401(k) on auto-pilot and forget about it? When was the last time you checked up on your investments or changed your fund selections? has the steps you need to take to get your 401(k) in order.

Contributions. If you've been hoping to nudge up your 401(k)
contributions a little bit, why not start now? After paying off your holiday
bills, you may have a little more breathing room left in your paycheck.

Investments. While you're looking at your 401(k), review
your investment choices. If you've had some losing investments, you might not
have noticed them before. Now's the time to look. …

Rebalancing. If you're a young worker bee, you may be
stuffing all of your savings into stocks with nary a care in the world. Some
people may prefer splitting their contributions between stocks and bonds.
Whatever your plan, now's the time to make sure that plan is still in place.

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