Monday, March 19, 2007

Wanna raise your credit score?

You credit score. I am not sure if there is any other number that has a bigger effect on our lives. It can get you a 5% loan instead of 8%. It can make you eligible for that 2 year-no interest loan. Anything over 700 should be good enough for most loans. has some tips on how you can bump it up and help yourself in the long run.

1: Pay off your debt: ‘…the best way to improve your credit score in the short term is to pay off the high balances on your credit card - that can raise your FICO score 60 to 70 points overnight, …’

2: Minimize your balances: …If you're within three months from applying for credit, make sure you don't charge a lot on your cards, or split the purchases between a few cards, so you keep the balances down. …

3: Hang onto older cards: ‘…the longer you've managed your credit wisely, the better your score…’

4: Don't sweat the little things: We've already told you what impacts your score. But here are some things that don't matter to your score at all. Your score won't be affected if you request your own credit record, or if you go for credit counseling.

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